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Going green is something we all need to be thinking about and though it may seem like a daunting task, you will be surprised just how easy it can be. Go Green Power is here to give you information on how you can change your lifestyle, both at home and in the work place and make our planet a greener place to live.

Did you know that in just two hours, the UK produces enough waste to fill the Albert Hall twice over! Thatís a huge amount of refuse going into an already overcrowded landfill. If you donít already recycle, itís time you began. Going Green doesnít have to affect your daily lives, most councils now give out recycling bins, which they themselves empty; the perfect fuss free way to lower your carbon footprint.

From looking at what you throw away to rethinking how your travel, there are hundreds of ways in which your family can Go Green Power! Thereís really no need to take the car on that quick five minute journey to the shops, try walking it, or cycling. Not only will this help cut your carbon footprint put itíll give you a decent daily exercise!

Look on the bright side and think of the positives of going green!

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There are hundreds of ways you can Go Green Power today! It doesnít have to be a daunting task, youíd be surprised how tiny changes to the way you live could make a huge impact on our environment.

We have the information you need to live a more environmental friendly lifestyle. Be kind to the planet and take our few easy steps to going green.

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